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    When the U.S. Military asks you to help protect its facilities and its people - THAT’s TRUST!
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    Innovative solutions for the road, on the rails, in the air and on the sea.
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    Manufacturer of Plastic Fiber optics, LED lighting solutions, products, and systems.

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Lumenyte’s Security clientele a who’s who of Government

agencies such as the U.S. State Department, U.S. ARMY, U.S. Navy, USMC, U.S. Air Force, D.O.D., Department of Homeland Security.

Partnering in the security of our troops abroad and Embassy’s around the world. Lumenyte prides itself in its ability to aid in the protection of our Nation’s Finest!

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What Dennis Gage, host of My Classic Car, has to say about Lumenyte’s LIFTLYTE:

“I thought the concept was brilliant (no pun intended)… I’m really impressed with the design and the way they’re made.”

“I really do think these are a great concept.” “…it’s getting harder and harder all the time to see the things I’m working on…your lights will go a long way toward addressing this.”

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Manufacturing & Design

Manufacturing & Design

Lumenyte uses its 30 years of manufacturing experience and resources to design and manufacture an ever broadening array of lighting solutions. Lumenyte has evolved and is no longer only a manufacturer of optical fiber lighting systems. Today Lumenyte utilizes its expertise and manufacturing capabilities to design, develop, and manufacture a variety of product solutions.

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Definition of Lumenyte

Lumenyte [lū'm?n-/ahyt] n. noun


    1. Innovator and manufacturer.
    2. Paramount manufacturer of the highest quality, large core plastic optical fiber and associated products.
    3. Provider of brightly innovative lighting solutions to Military, Police and Private Sector Security Organizations, the Automotive Industries as well as Original Equipment Manufacturers. Utilizing a large, diverse and uncompromising line of products and product development abilities Lumenyte is “Finding Solutions through Illumination”.

Below is a list of the six reasons why our customers conduct business with us:

1LumenyteLumenyte has been continually satisfying our varied customer base for over 30 years with the finest in Fiber Optic Lighting and related products for the Police, Security, Military, Transportation and Architectural markets.

2Lumenyte, we are small enough to care and rapidly react to our customers needs yet large enough to get the job done. All of our Customer Support Staff are located in our California manufacturing facility, not in some unknown remote location.

3Lumenyte is the original developer of Large Core Polymer Fiber Optics and has continually improved its functionality and developed innovative products utilizing Large Core Fiber Optics.

4Lumenyte offers you the convenience and savings of buying directly from the manufacturer. A vast majority of our product line is manufactured in our Foothill Ranch, California facility; everything we sell ships to our customers from there.

5Lumenyte has a proven record of successfully custom engineering and manufacturing products to meet our client’s exacting specifications and product performance requirements.

6Lumenyte offers the greatest flexibility in product designs; with an almost infinite variety of configurations in our Large Core Polymer Fiber Optics with an ever expanding line of innovative products and solutions.

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As a unique alternative to hand held lights, the LiftLyte™ is designed to provide service personnel with a highly effective, full range, under vehicle lighting system. High intensity automobile trouble lights produce glare and deep shadows that can mask problem areas. Flashlights, floodlights and daylight all share this problem.

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Cree® XR-E LED

Cree® XR-E LED

Lumenyte FlashLytes™ offer you quality, selection, innovation, performance and reliability. FEATURING the Cree® XR-E LED.

Combining State-of-the-Art Design with Advanced LED Lighting and Electronic Components, Engineered and Manufactured to the Highest Quality, to deliver the Constant Performance the Professional User expects. The Lumenyte Technically Advanced Rechargeable Lighting Systems feature the latest ... CREE LED's, as well as Regulated Electronics. Ongoing Progressive Research, Ingenious Ideas and Unique Development, guarantees Lumenyte FlashLytes™ to continue to meet the Performance, Demands and High Expectations of our valued customers worldwide.

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Lumenyte manufactures high quality, high performance large core plastic optical fiber.

We are perhaps the only manufacturer to offer a number of variations to suit many of the applications that occur in the commercial and architectural lighting markets. Lumenyte has shifted its focus a bit to concentrate more on: expanding its capabilities as a supplier of lighting solutions that incorporate wider variety of technology in a wider variety of markets, and to present our optical fiber as a solution in OEM markets. Although Lumenyte has diversified its resources and capabilities, our commitment to our optical fiber core products remains strong.

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U.S. State Dept.

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Domestic U.S. Military

Entry control points, base gate security and vehicle inspection.

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Aardvark Tactical

Major contracts for overseas and U.S. military applications.

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